Henning Flat Trigger System for Tanfoglio


Henning’s Tanfoglio Single Action Flat Trigger System compatible with Factory Roll Pin
The System comes complete with steel trigger lever, #17 trigger return spring (H033-17), #19 lightened trigger plunger spring (H037-19), pre-travel screw, and over-travel screw. The pre- and over-travel adjustments are highly improved over the factory trigger.  By replacing the factory trigger plunger spring with our #19 lightened trigger plunger spring, you will reduce the pressure from the trigger plunger onto the trigger bar. The factory roll pin (not included) is made to compress with a nipple punch then expand again to fit the .100″ trigger pin hole in the frame.  The Henning Trigger pin hole measure .102″ which gives you a precise trigger fit with your factory roll pin.

kr 1.100,00